Arlato Atir

The Shipping Tycoon of Sur-on-Mur


Race: Tiefling
Allignment: Unaligned
Age: 56
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 195 lbs

Hometown: Sur-on-Mur
Current Location: Sur-on-Mur, Atir Estates


Arlato Atir is the most powerful shipping baron out of Sur-on-Mur. Like most tiefling’s living in human-dominated communities, he choses to downplay his infernal appearance. His horns, which spiral thickly from the sides of his head, are kept trimmed so that they are only ~4’’ long. His has no qualms about displaying his wealth by wearing lush clothing and expensive jewelry. Arlato never married, but chose to raise his illegitimate daughter Teheru Atir as heir to his trading empire.

Like most successful merchants, Arlato is not above making ethically questionable business deals, which has made a good deal of enemies. He is in excellent standing with the authorities of Sur-on-Mur, especially with the Baron Demarcus Gallegos. In exchange for helping to enforce some semblance of order in the underworld of the harbor, the Baron was willing to ignore any of Arlato’s illegal activities. Over the years this mutually beneficial business arrangement has transformed into a real friendship between the two men. Despite the taboo most noble families have about intermarrying with teifling, Baron Demarcus and Arlato had hopes of cementing their alliance by a marriage between the Baron’s youngest son and Teheru.

Although Arlato spared no expenses concerning the safety of himself and his daughter, Teheru went missing several days before her wedding date. Three days after she disappeared, the mangled body of a young female tiefling washed up on Deepcliff Beach. As the tragedy unfolded, the relationship between Baron Demarcus and Arlato rapidly disintegrated. However when pressed neither man will comment as to what caused the rift between them.

After his daughter’s death, Arlato announced that he would offer half of his estate, an incredible amount of wealth, to the individual whom brought him the head of his daughter’s killer. He has since barricaded himself in his manor. Those whom wish to speak to him may only do do indirectly through his bookkeeper, a fellow tiefling named Ukrez Ulef.

Arlato Atir

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